9 Creative Ways To Mix Design Styles For Your Home

Have ever been caught in the dilemma of choosing a single style for your home decor?

Well, It’s time to toss away the rule book that dictates sticking to a single design style for home decor.

Your home should be a blank canvas where you can blend the sleek and minimalistic vibes of Bauhaus design with the cozy and inviting atmosphere of Mediterranean style.

Or why shouldn’t you combine the clean lines of Scandinavian decor with the vibrant textures of Indian design elements?

So get yourself ready because we are going on a thrilling adventure. 

And in this adventure, you will discover 13 ingenious strategies that will enable you to mix and match design styles, so that you can create a living space that truly reflects your unique and eclectic personality.

1. Start With A Neutral Base

So, it’s best to start with simple, neutral colors like white, gray, or beige. These colors make it easy to mix different styles.

They’re like a blank canvas for your room. A calm background that lets you add different styles without things looking too busy or chaotic.

By keeping the base color simple, you can easily add different styles to your room and make it look great

2. Balance is Key

Balance is super important when it comes to design. It’s not about having everything match exactly, but about making sure things look even.

Let’s say you have a big, industrial-looking dining table. It’s going to grab attention because of its size and style.

To balance it out, you can pair it with some modern, simple chairs. They’ll be different, but they won’t compete with the table. 

Also, if you have fancy artwork on one wall, you can balance it out with something simpler on the opposite wall.

The goal is to make sure no one thing stands out too much and that everything works together nicely.

It’s all about creating harmony and making your mixed-style space look great.

3. Use Mixed Style Items

Think about using things that have a mix of styles.

For example, a sofa that has a modern shape but old-fashioned decorations.

This sofa can help blend a modern look with a more traditional one. It’s like a bridge connecting different styles, like modern and Victorian.

So by using these mixed-style items, you’re helping different design styles work together smoothly in your room.

It can make your space feel more balanced and put-together.

4. Let Your Personality Shine

Another thing is your home should be a true reflection of who you are. 

If you love vibrant colors, just let them be present in the different design styles that you have throughout your space.

For example, in a Scandinavian-style room that is known for its minimalism and neutral colors, you can add a pop of brightness with a bold and abstract painting.

In a Bohemian-style room, where rich and varied colors are celebrated, mix and match colorful textiles like throw pillows and curtains, each with their own unique patterns and designs.

These personal elements will act as a golden thread, seamlessly blending diverse design styles in your home, resulting in a space that not only looks stylish and cohesive but also feels authentically you.

5. Play With Textures And Patterns

Adding textures and patterns to your room can make it more exciting and interesting.

You can try combining different materials, like having a soft and cozy sofa next to a sturdy wooden table, or adding a shiny metal lamp to a room filled with natural elements.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as well – stripes can work with florals, and geometric shapes can complement organic patterns.

Just make sure to choose colors that go well together to keep a sense of harmony in your space


6. Mix Different Periods & Cultures

You can also embrace the magic of mixing different eras and cultures in your decor to unleash a world of possibilities.

For example a vibrant Moroccan rug can add an exotic touch to your modern living room. Or an elegant Art Deco lamp bringing a touch of glamour to a rustic setting. 

Also don’t be afraid to be bold and eclectic in your choices. By blending elements from different design histories, you’ll witness the incredible transformation of your living space into a captivating melting pot of styles.

Let your creativity soar and let your home become a true reflection of the diverse beauty that inspires you

7. Transforming Unique Home Details: From Awkward to Awesome

Do you have some unique details in your home like funky archways or cool ceiling beams?

Let’s turn them from awkward to awesome! Instead of seeing them as a problem, think of them as perks that make your home unique.

It’s like your house is a blank canvas and you’re the artist. For example, you could turn that archway into a cozy reading spot with comfy cushions and some bohemian flair.

Or maybe those ceiling beams could get a rustic touch to create a countryside feel.

Remember, your home is special, so let’s use that to our advantage and make it shine.

8. Balancing Style and Function in Every Room

When you’re blending styles, it’s important to think about what you actually do in each room.

Every room has its own job, and the way it looks should help it do that job better. For instance, your kitchen is where you whip up tasty meals.

So, how about giving it a modern look that’s sleek and practical? Your living room, on the other hand, is your chill-out zone. Adding some rustic touches can make it feel extra cozy and welcoming.

Remember, as you’re getting more into mixing styles, always keep in mind what each room is for.

This way, you’ll make sure your design choices don’t just look good, but also make the room more useful.

9. Blend Styles Slowly

Starting to mix styles in your home decor might feel overwhelming at first, and you may think you need to get everything perfect right away.

But, here’s the thing – you don’t have to rush. In fact, this process of blending styles is all about taking it step by step and enjoying the journey.

As you begin to see different styles coming together in your space, it’s like watching a beautiful picture taking shape.

This will naturally boost your confidence and spark your creativity. You’ll find yourself wanting to explore more design ideas and take more creative risks. So remember, creating a mixed-style home is a gradual process, not a race. Enjoy each step, and let your home’s unique style evolve at its own pace.

Written By

Zibele Gcingca